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Kinship Care Program

Kinship Care is a federally funded, county-administered program that provides a small monthly payment to an adult caring for a related child.

Relatives per Wis Stat 48.02(15) include stepparent, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, half brother, half-sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, first cousin, 2nd cousin, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt, step-uncle, step-aunt, or any person of a preceding generation as denoted by the prefix of grand, great, or great−great, whether by blood, marriage, or legal adoption, or the spouse of any person named in this subsection, even if the marriage is terminated by death or divorce. For purposes of the application of s. 48.028 and the federal Indian Child Welfare Act, 25 USC 1901 to 1963, “relative” includes an extended family member, as defined in s. 48.028 (2) (am), whether by blood, marriage, or adoption, including adoption under tribal law or custom.

Voluntary Kinship Care includes situations in which parents voluntarily agree to allow the child to live with a relative or the relative has court ordered legal guardianship of the child. If interested in receiving Voluntary Kinship Care benefits the relative must complete the Voluntary Kinship Care Application.

Court Ordered Kinship Care occurs when Juvenile Court formally places a child with a relative due to abuse, neglect, youth justice or child welfare. If interested in receiving Kinship Care benefits for the child, this relative must apply for both Kinship Care and Foster Home licensing. The application process must be initiated by the Social Worker assigned to the child’s case.

Additional questions related to the Kinship Care Program may be directed to:

Sarah Kasel at 608-335-0074

Carolyn Fatsis at 608-320-5714

Completed application forms can be emailed to either Kinship Care worker above or sent to:

DCDHS Kinship Care
1202 Northport Dr.
Madison WI 53704